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2013年7月31日 (水)


Charles Merville ed. Persian Historiography (A History of Persian Literature X).
London & New York: I.B. Tauris. 2012.


Introduction -- Charles Melville

Literature as Literature --  Julie S. Meisami

The Historian at Work -- Charles Melville

The Rise and Development of Persian Historiography -- Elton Daniel

The Mongol and Timurid Period -- Charles Melville

The Safavid Historiography -- Sholeh Quinn and Chales Melville

Persian Historiography in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century -- Ernest Tucker

Legend, Legitimacy and Making a National Historiography of the Qajar Iran (1785-1925) -- Abbas Amanat

Historiography in the Pahlavi Era -- Fakhreddin Azimi

Ottoman Historical Writing in Persian -- Sara Nur Yildiz

The Historiography in Central Asia since 16th Century -- Robert D. McChesney

The Historiography in Afghanistan -- Robert D. McChesney

Indo-Persian Historiography -- Stephen F. Dale

2013年7月29日 (月)



The First Indo-Iranian Common Heritage

International Conference

With an approach to history, literature, art, science, technology, religion, mysticism, and philosophy


September 26, 2013


Organizer: Islamic Treasures Association, Institute for History of Knowledge and Culture (Qom - Iran)

Scientific Secretary: Dr. Farzaneh Azam Lotfi

Executive Secretary: Sayyed Sadiq Asif Agah (Hosseini Ashkevari)



Qom, Safa Shahr St. Mufeed University



* An introduction to the new researches done in the area of Indo-Iranian ​​literature and culture;

* Participant’s mutual discussion and exchange of ideas in research fields;

* Special attention to comparative and interdisciplinary areas;

* Encouragement of young researchers regarding greatness of Indo-Iranian literature, history and culture.


Note: Since this is the first international conference on Indo- Iranian common heritage being held in Qom, the topics to be considered are more general to provide an opportunity for Indian scholars to get more acquainted with each other. God willing, the upcoming conferences will specifically be held dealing with one of the general topics.

Website: www.iiheritage.com

2013年7月27日 (土)

西南アジア研究 78号





2013年7月25日 (木)



澤井一彰「1563年のイスタンブル大洪水」『歴史評論』760(2013): 20-34.

Jun Sugawara. "Islamic Legal Order in the Northwestern Frontier: Property and Waqf Litigation of a Sufi Family In Kashghar (1841-1936)." In Zsombor Rajkai and Ildiko Beller-Hann ed. Frontiers and Boundaries: Encounters on Chaina's Margins. Wiesbaden: Harrasowitz Verlag, 2012: 177-201.

2013年7月22日 (月)



2013年7月17日 (水)




2013年7月15日 (月)


Call for Papers for International Qajar Studies Association Conference

Hosted by Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, the International Qajar Studies Association (IQSA) will hold its 14th annual conference on Friday May 30th and Saturday May 31st 2014 in Bamberg, Germany. The theme of the conference is “Literature and Writing in Qajar Iran.” Proposals for academic papers on Persian literature (including the Persian press) and non-Iranian writing on Iran in the period from the 1790s to 1925 are welcome by all scholars of literature in Qajar Iran. If you are interested in presenting a paper, please send an abstract (500 words) along with your academic affiliation, a brief academic resumé, inclusive of relevant publications, by January 8th to Dr. Nahid Mozaffar 

2013年7月13日 (土)

Iranian Studies vol.46-4

Qajar Ambitions in the Great Game: Notes on the Embassy of ‘Abbas Qoli Khan to the Amir of Bokhara, 1844
James M. Gustafson
pages 535-552

The Role of Azerbaijani Turkish in Safavid Iran
Willem Floor & Hasan Javadi
pages 569-581


2013年7月10日 (水)

発表者募集 Persianate Studies @イェール大学



Persianate Studies: A Conceptual Inquiry May 9-11, 2014


The Iranian Studies Initiative at Yale is organizing a workshop in May

2014 to explore the dimensions of Persianate Studies as an academic field.


The workshop asks whether the term "Persianate" works as a conceptual framework beyond language and literature to such areas as habitat, economy and trade routes, and political and material cultures. Are there tangible historical ties in the pre-modern and early modern eras among such diverse regions as Anatolia, the Iranian plateau and the greater Khorasan region, the Caucasus, the southern rim of Central Asia, Western Xingjian, and the Indian subcontinent? Can these ties create a viable field of study beyond Middle Eastern, Central Asian, South Asian and East Asian studies to underscore subtle interregional connections and longue durée commonalities? What circumstances, on the other hand, reoriented these regions and helped break up the Persianate oecumene in modern times? 

Papers may explore novel conceptual and theoretical approaches as well as case studies with broader historical implications. Please send proposals (synopsis and a resume) by October 15th via email to Ms. Lora LeMosy Council on Middle East Studies, MacMillan Center, Yale University.

2013年7月 5日 (金)


GDRI « Fondations Waqf »
6-7 juillet 2013, TELEMME-MMSH, Aix-en-Provence, MMSH, salle DUBY
sous la responsabilité scientifique de Randi DEGUILHEM, CNRS, TELEMME-MMSH,
responsable du GDRI « Fondations Waqf »

Journées d’Etude
« De la pratique à la norme – de la norme à la pratique : gestion des waqf et d’autres fondations »
« From practices to norm – from norm to practices: administering waqf and other foundations »

Vers des nouvelles lois de waqf de nos jours / Towards a New Law of Waqf Today
Murat CIZAKCA (INCEIF, Kuala Lumpur) :
« From Practice to Norm, Towards a New Law of Waqf in the Twenty-First Century »
Tunku Alina RAJA MUHD ALIAS (INCEIF, Kuala Lumpur) :
« Waqf law in Malaysia today -how we got here and the road to policy and legal reform »
« Obstacles and challenges facing the creation of public and family waqf in selected Muslim countries today »

Récupération des normes islamiques au temps colonial / Use of Islamic Norms in Colonial Times
Musa SROOR (Université Birzeit, Ramallah) :
« La tutelle française sur les waqfs maghrébins à Jérusalem (1948-1967) »
Randi DEGUILHEM (CNRS, TELEMME-MMSH, Aix-en-Provence) :
« Pratique coloniale d’une norme islamique : récupération d’istibdâl pour « libérer » les biens waqfs en Syrie sous mandat français »

Regard comparatif : droit et pratiques des fondations en Europe / A Comparative Look: Law and Practices of Foundations in Europe
Jean-Pierre DEDIEU (CNRS, LARHRA, ENS Lyon) :
« Biens de main morte en Occident chrétien »
Isabelle PERNIN Isabelle (AMU, CCJ-MMSH) :
« Fondations cultuelles en Grèce ancienne : quelques éléments de présentation »

Reconstruire des norms à l’époque moderne / Reconstructing Norms in the Modern Period
Abdelhamid HENIA (DIRASET Etudes Maghrébines, Université de Tunis) :
« Quand la norme en matière de waqf se reconstruit en Tunisie à l’époque moderne »
Hayet MEJRI Hayet (DIRASET Etudes Maghrébines, Université de Tunis) :
« Quand le bey transgresse la norme en matière de waqf à Tunis à la veille de la colonisation »
Sabine SALIBA Sabine (CNRS, CEIFR, Paris) :
« Entre législation musulmane et pratiques successorales traditionnelles : waqfs des maronites de la montagne libanaise (XVIIe-XIXe siècles) »

Part I : Lire les documents de waqf : Malaisie, Algérie et approche générique /Reading Waqf Documents : Malayisa, Algeria and generic approach
Azenita ABDULLAH (INCEIF, Kuala Lumpur) :
« Studying Waqf Deeds/Waqfiah from Malaysian waqfs with FileMakerPro »
Nacereddine SAIDOUNI (Université d’Alger) :
« Un lexique du waqf en Algérie à l’époque ottomane : entre pratiques locales et concepts de jurisprudence (étude introductive préliminaire) »
Jean-Pierre DEDIEU (CNRS, LARHRA, ENS Lyon) : « FileMakerPro : A Way to Read and Organize Waqf Documents »

Part II : Lire les documents de waqf : Damas / Reading Waqf Documents :
Toru MIURA (Ochanomizu University, Tokyo) :
« Profiles of Agricultural Waqf Properties in Damascus Province in the 16th Century »
Tomoki OKAWARA (Tohoku University, Sendai) :
« Economic Conditions of Waqf Properties in the City of Damascus in the mid-19th Century: A Quantitative Analysis of a Tax Register »

Stratégies familiales et communautaires / Family and Community Strategies
Zakia ZAKIA (Université d’Alger) :
« Le waqf dhurrî à Alger ottoman : entre la sharî ‘a et la pratique »
Mohamad MERIMI (DIRASET Etudes Maghrébines) :
« Pratiques waqfs à Djerba : normes communautaires et stratégies d’acteurs à l’époque moderne »
Ouddene BOUGHOUFALA (Université de Mascara, Algérie) :
« Une dispute judiciaire entre musulmans et non musulmans à propos d’un waqf du cimetière à Médéa »

2013年7月 2日 (火)



The Leibniz Institute of European History in Mainz/Germany is offering a five-year Post Doc position in Ottoman History. The research program of the institute focuses on how differences in Europe have been understood and addressed. In this context, gaining a greater understanding of the Ottoman Empire and its interaction with European states and societies from the 16th to 20th century is clearly a highly relevant goal.

Information is atttached and also available at:

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