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2011年9月26日 (月)



日時 : 2011年10月21日(金) 17:30-19:30
会場 : 東京外国語大学アジア・アフリカ言語文化研究所 3階304室(マルチメディア会議室)

講師 : エレーナ・アスタフィエヴァ Elena Astafieva 博士
題目 : 「ロシア帝国の外交と内政の文脈からみるロシア正教会のパレスチナにおけるプレゼンス(19世紀後半から20世紀初頭)」
言語 : ロシア語、ただし長縄宣博氏(北海道大学スラブ研究センター・准教授)による日本語逐次通訳あり
司会 : 黒木英充(東京外大AA研・教授)
参加費 : 無料
主催       東京外国語大学アジア・アフリカ言語文化研究所 ・
    基幹研究 「中東・イスラーム圏における人間移動と多元的社会編成」
共催     新学術領域研究 「ユーラシア地域大国の比較研究」 第5班「国家の輪郭と越境」

Based on the new sources from the archives in Russia, France, the Vatican and Italy, I examine different modalities of the Russian presence in Palestine-Syria, and explore the activities of the institutions – diplomatic, religious, charitable, cultural – through which Russia exercised an influence in this region, during the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries. This is a new attempt to combine different types of historical research – the history of international relations and the history of religions as well as of cultural and scientific developments – in order to understand the complexity of relationships between Russia’s domestic and foreign policies, and to clarify the place of Russia in Palestine-Syria among the European powers interfering in the region. My presentation evolves from the following two questions. How did the presence in these Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire, the centre of three major world religions, enable the empire of the tsars vying with France, Britain, Germany, to strengthen its status as a great power not only in Palestine, but also in Europe? How did Russia’s political, religious and cultural presence in this region figure within a wider process of its construction and maintenance of the empire within and beyond its political borders?

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